The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For 2021

by Ghulam Mujtaba
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Digital communication has become intrinsically linked to visual communication via photos. Most of us use editing to turn things surreal, even if some people gift with such skills. The good news is that many top best photo editing apps are available on Android and iOS today to fit your needs. Standard options include: 

  • Google Photos
  • Apple Photos for Android
  • iOS devices

Now we are discussing the Best photo editing apps. With its collage feature, text and graphics can be added. The best photo editing apps are available for your smartphone, be it Android or iOS, and here are some of the best to choose from.

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1. Picsart Photo Editor

The list begins with the Picsart photo editor. As well as editing photos, it also helps you tweak videos. Filters, effects, and removing the background are some tools you can use to modify your images. Text and designer fonts can add to photos. An intelligent selection tool powered by AI allows the user to remove objects from an image whenever required quickly. Before posting videos on Instagram or TikTok, you can embellish them. Using a slideshow and music, you can trim the content.

2. Snapseed

Another favourite of shutterbugs, this photo editing tool has all the features you’d expect from one. When you crop images, you can add frames or text and sharpen the image if necessary. The unique part of Snapseed is the precision masking tool, which photographers prefer to use to blur out the background to make the main subject more visible. Any photo you edit on the app also save in the editor’s edit history.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

We all know about Adobe Photoshop. This photo editing tool has been popular for many years. As for Photoshop Express, it’s simply the mobile version of the software. It is possible to store the edited images on your device by creating a free Adobe ID. In addition to uploading and editing photos, you can also change their backgrounds or delete portions of them. Temperature control and exposure can be increase. It’s all possible.


Filters are available in VSCO in a variety of options. Additionally, it allows you to adjust the temperatures, colours, and skin tones of an image. You can also crop, add borders, and apply vignettes to the photos. You can share your pictures on VSCO, share them on Instagram or share them via WhatsApp if you do not have an online community for VSCO. It can use Instagram or WhatsApp.

5. Pixlr

Another tool that is good for editing photos is Pixlr. Mobile devices and the web are both supported by the software. Therefore, you can choose. Images import into Pixlr. They can be made quickly selectable, and the item can delete. Further, as follows: 

  • Filters are added
  • The background has been changed
  • Inserting text in an image
  • Taking photographs and cropping them
  • And so on.

As well as filters, you can add your own. You can download and save the image without an annoying watermark using the free version.

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6. Instagram

We forget to take advantage of the Facebook-owned platform’s photo editing features. To make the visual more interesting, add filters, emojis, text elements, and colour elements. The social media reach of the site allows you to build a following who can ultimately help you monetize your work.

7. Visage

The Visage editing tool for your mobile phone is a must-have if you like selfies. You can easily add touch-ups to your photos with Visage, reduce shine on your skin, add more makeup and even brighten your teeth. Enhanced features such as ads and branded hashtags are available when upgrading to the Pro version. The free version will most likely suffice in most cases.

8. Afterlight 2

We have little reason to dispute Afterlight’s claim to be an all-rounder. This tool lets you adjust the contrast, exposure, and hue of an image. The real star of Afterlight 2 is its wide range of textured filters that give your photos a new context and make them pop.

9. Prisma Photo Editor

If you want to create a life-like painting or sketch from your photos, then Prisma is the one to use. To produce the results, the company probably uses neural networks and AI processing. It adds creativity to your visuals with more than 500 filters. Afterwards, share it with a broad audience.

10. Canva

The list will conclude with another popular editing tool known as Canva. It can also design any marketing material for your business, including posters, flyers, and brochures. Before sharing photos on social media, you can upload them, edit them with more elements, and add filters to give them a polished look.

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