10 Industrial IoT Applications in Practice From Top Companies

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10 Industrial IoT Applications in Practice

There have been a lot of developments in industrial industries as a result of the coming of smart devices. IIoT helps induce better operational efficiencies, facilitates better connectivity and information analysis. For greater monitoring of industrial computers with the use of cloud-based platforms, the use of the latest IIoT applications shall be of immense help. The companies engaged in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, energy production, and the like businesses are helped from this tech.

Airbus: Extent of Smart Factories

Commercial jetliners, tens of thousands of components are used for much better assembly resulting in the huge cost of error and so utilizing the Industrial IoT Applications will be helpful. Therefore, to tackle the complexity with ease, Airbus has produced digital manufacturing items which are called Factory of the Future that facilities easy operation and promotes production. The company has installed sensors in machines and tools and aids workers with better assistance with wearable technologies and industrial intelligent glasses.

Amazon: Reinventing Warehousing

The online retail giant has warehousing and logistics services, and this is a significant program among the Industrial IoT Applications. Here, human-machine collaboration is identified. The company has thought about using drones for the delivery of products that have captured the media’s attention. In addition, the provider uses Wifi connected Kiva robots.

Bosch: Track innovator

Dating back to 2015, Bosch has launched advanced track and follow up program installed detectors in the tracking programs. This shall help the workers to monitor products quickly. The workers could utilize cordless nutrunner making their job an easy one. As a result of this, tracking becomes a simple affair. Therefore, the business intends to utilize the program for greater assembly operations.


By suitable investment in IoT technology, it makes working at every level a simple one. With suitable integration of IoT applications and augmented reality applications, it’s likely to get better outcomes. It helps form the fuel level to the air purification degree.


Searching for appropriate Industrial IoT Programs, Hitachi delivers a suitable IIoT approach for better outcomes. This business stands out from different businesses in terms of the acceptable integration and execution of the latest information technologies. Within the field of IoT technology, Hitachi operates independently. With an excellent IoT platform to operate on, the business produces quality products.


When looking for greater Industrial IoT solutions, robotics unique KUKA has produced an IoT plan that extends assistance to many factories. It further helped by developing an IoT-enabled factory with loads of robots which are linked with the personal cloud.

Innovative Changes in The Mining Industry

Komatsu The business has many IIoT innovations after it started in 2011. In addition, it’s deployed many connected technologies that enable better manufacturing facilities. The company has linked Komatsu with the benefits of the internet that help managers manage global operations better in a fast moment.

John Deere:

John Deere is notorious for introducing self-driving tractors by utilizing the latest techniques of the technology of Web of Things. In addition, in using GPS technology, the organization is a well-known one. In addition to this, it’s understood that the company also dealt with telematics technologies for better utilization of maintenance applications.


Gehring technology is a famed firm that jelqing metal embracing IIoT technology. As of now, the customers using the company products can access live statistics prior to the orders are placed. This is carried out by using digital technologies whereby clients can acquire real-time data through the system used. For that reason, it will help to fulfil the customer’s need that features the efficiency of work. In addition, the company also utilizes a pre-assembled real-time tracking system that helps reduce the time taken to accomplish the job. By better information analyzing, it is possible to handle the machine tools.

Magna Steyr:

The field of automotive production, this is a renowned title that deals effectively with factories that are smart. The business has deployed the newest IIoT techniques due to which it is able to track the assets of the company that ranges from resources to different automobile parts. Along with this, the company is also trying the use of’smart packaging’ system for use with Bluetooth connectivity. It helps to maintain a better track of elements that are stored in the warehouses.

The Closure:

Therefore, with quick progress from the Industrial Internet of items, it is helping different businesses managing business tasks better. It further results in improved productivity. It is also offering some real-time solutions for simple monitoring, managing merchandise, and handling the like tasks. With appropriate integration of invention with the tendencies, technological advancement is advantageous for various industrial sectors.

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