Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5g Review – Complete Mobile Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:- In the new Samsung S20 family, there is a clear winner. The phone that Samsung needs to beat all phones, carrying super specs in all areas: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

So, with a name like Ultra, it’s clear that this is the highest of the quantity. It’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra throwing down the gauntlet to the break of the industry and bold them to post a task. The camera records are designed to unsettle Huawei, the RAM, and a display designed to give OnePlus something to turn over.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bold Design

  • Sizes: 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8mm, Weight: 220g
  • IP68 conditions-resistant safety
  • Finishes: black choices

Samsung described the Galaxy S20 Ultra design as a new chapter in innovation. There was a clown to this design with the previous announcement of the Galaxy S10 Lite, choosing to highlight the cameras rather than hide them.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Complete in stern black or aged colors, it comes with IP68 safety. But the impression of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is as premium as the S20 and S20+. While it’s clearly a greater deal, the feel is very much similar. We like the well-organized use of space, with bezels hard up back to the limits and an arranged punch-hole for the front camera, avoidance the need for mindless cuts.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Display

  • 6.9-inch AMOLED, Square HD+ resolution (1440 x 3200)
  • 120Hz at 1440p, 60Hz at 1080p
  • High active range: HDR10+

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is all about the display because that’s what it carries with a huge 6.9-inches on the slanting. A shift in the part ratio makes the Ultra higher, without bulge sideways, while it’s not fairly the tall thin phone that the Xperia 1 is Sony’s phone is about the same height but has a smaller display general. It means that the whole thing occurs on the big screen and it’s excessive for movies and games because there’s so considerable of it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Nowadays, some might long for that 120Hz display, but we have not created a massive change compared to the 60Hz. It’s not supported by entire games, but even shooting up games that do support 120Hz, we didn’t sign a huge modification.

The last expression goes to the show’s polarizer. this seems to be arbitrarily associated. So, if you attire polarizing spectacles, the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra display will all be all over the residence.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Pixel Packed Camera

Three-way Rear Camera:

  • Main: 108MP (12MP by pixel merging), f/1.8 gap, optical maintenance
  • Telephoto: 48MP, f/3.5, 10X Mix Optic Zoom, 100X Great Resolution Zoom
  • Extreme-wide: 12MP, 1.4µm, f/2.2
  • Selfie Camera: 40MP (6.5MP pixel merging), f/2.2

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera is a lot of persons are going to be talking about the 108-megapixel beam, 8K video capture, and 100X shoot up. Because it sounds too good to be accurate. And in some ways, it is, because you actually have to read b/w the glasses. Let’s jump with that core camera.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Core Hardware and Battery Life

  • 5000mAh battery

In the UK and in Europe you will be receiving the Samsung Exynos 990 with 5G connectivity, maintained by 12GB or 16GB of RAM. In other areas, like the USA, you will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. What’s all that RAM doing? We’re not sure even Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra knows, but in a world where glasses sell, the big numbers story remains. We’ve had the Exynos 990 version for challenging.

Certainly, the battery life is poor when you push the phone and through the discovering and testing stages of living with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, we found ourselves charging more than once a day. The camera looks to push those demands, possibly a by-product of irritating to do so much with so various pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery performance settled and became more accurate. On brighter days you can get more than 24 hours of life from it. Especially if you let the phone achieve the power, converting to enhanced mode.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Software

  • Android 10
  • One UI 2.0

Samsung’s One UI 2.0 will be aware to anyone who has used a current Samsung device, giving the same general look and feel to other One UI devices from the earlier few years. As before, it’s full of functions, but we’ve pulled composed much greater software tips and tricks that will have you enclosed.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra specs are flat and fast in use. An easy phone to live with from a software viewpoint. We still keep that Samsung’s skinning of Google’s Android operating system is well than big rivals like Huawei or companies like OPPO or Xiaomi that provide low-priced competitors.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra sets out to be the top phone you can get. Look across the spec page and there’s loads that shrieks out at you. 12GB RAM, 100x zoom, 108-megapixel camera, 120Hz refresh rate on that huge 6.9-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best phone, but it’s great because of the Samsung Experience, the software is flat and sophisticated and full of features.

That, gloomily, in the context of the high amount, does make you wonder what you’re getting for your cash. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra sets out to be the greatest phone but, in several ways, it isn’t.

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