Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today

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Now that we have reached the end of September, Apple is closer than ever to launching its fall products. Our expectation for Apple’s upcoming product announcements is to announce iPhone 13, iOS 15, iPad Mini, Apple Watch Series 7, and new Macs and iPads in September.

Apple’s event for September is expected to be held on Tuesday, September 14. COVID-19 is likely to make this event entirely virtual once again. One week before the event begins, Apple will send media invites. There is top seven updates in tech news today.

App Store Links Will Be Allowed By Apple

Several developers have complained to Apple, the company confirms, resulting in the announcement. Instead of sending users to the App Store shopping system, developers can now direct users to websites for service sign-ups.

A statement issued by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission JFTC following an investigation. Agency investigators have been looking into Apple since 2019. It will be possible for users to log in and manage subscriptions via an external website that developers will tell users about.

Satellite Broadband from Starlink

According to Ookla, the popular speed test app, Satellitelink’s satellite broadband speeds have come within striking distance of cable broadband speeds and, in some cases, even surpassed them.

According to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Starlink’s satellite broadband service expected to reach India soon. A Twitter user asked Musk if Starlink broadband internet would be available in the country, and Musk responded that the company is awaiting regulatory approval. Indians will be able to use SpaceX Starlink as of next year.

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AR/VR Headset from Apple

Reports from The Information say Apple’s AR / VR headsets may rely on another device to perform processor-intensive tasks and may have to be connected to a Mac or iPhone to do so.

An Apple SoC, which lacks most of Apple’s other processing capabilities, is reportedly in development for headphones. According to reports, the new processor is missing Apple’s neural engine, which oversees artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Wirelessly transmitting and receiving data will be more feasible and video will be compressed/decompressed more efficiently than with traditional chips, according to reports. The headset is designed for this, so it makes sense. Rather than performing the heavy processing on its own, another device can transmit data.

Tweets May Be Hidden In Twitter

Users may be able to hide old tweets on Twitter, but the feature is still in the concept stage. A specific time such as 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or a year could be set for the network to archive old tweets so they are no longer visible to other users.

Also, the account includes a feature that allows people to limit who can see their liked tweets. As well as allow people to remove themselves from conversations or remove followers without blocking them.

In Q2, 2021, Users Grew by 40%

The company has reported that a total of 7.47 crore transactions happened on its platform in the second quarter of 2021. ccording to PhonePe’s latest digital payments trends report. During this quarter, the total value of all payments along with the average value per transaction.

Furthermore, this report is broken down into detailed sections, including state transaction data from this time, demographics for user devices, and more. Everyone can now download PhonePe Pulse. This report also contains comparisons to previous quarters about growth over a month or year.

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Redmi 10 Prime Find Details

Mi India, a subsidiary of Redmi, unveiled its first 50 MP smartphone in the Indian market. The Redmi 10 Prime, on Friday. Those choosing the base 4GB + 64GB storage model will be costing Rs 12,499. While those who prefer the 6GB + 128GB model will pay Rs 14,999.

Xiaomi India channels and Amazon will begin selling it in India on September 7 in three colors. Xiaomi India’s chief business officer, Murali Krishnan, said in a statement that the smartphone has a high-resolution screen, powerful performance, and long-lasting battery.

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