8 Best eBook Reader Apps For Android

by Ghulam Mujtaba
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eBooks come in many different formats, there are many file types to handle, and there are many different kinds of books, so it all gets a little confusing. However, if you have the right eBook reader apps, any phone or tablet turns into a mobile eBook reader.

Technology has also stagnated a little bit. We do not see ebook reader apps getting much better in the coming years unless some serious innovation occurs. It’s good to know that no matter what option you choose, it should last you for a very long time as long as the developer is still around.


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Aldiko Book Reader 

It’s the most accessible eBook reader app available on the App Store. So, EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks are supported, and ebooks from libraries. In addition to a clean interface, the app offers customization options, tablet and phone support, and global text searching inside books. The free version includes advertisements. However, the paid version does not. However, they otherwise remain the same.


Amazon Kindle

There are also many reading features in the app, including cross-platform syncing and an expansive collection of free books. However, the UI remains litter with ads. Fortunately, when it comes to reading a book, there is no such distraction. Additionally, you can customize the reading settings. Indeed, this is an excellent choice for access to books. Offline books may also download.


The AIReader eBook reader is one of the newer apps compared to other eBook reader apps. AIReader is also compatible with several older Android versions. It is becoming rarer nowadays. Additionally, it supports many other eBook formats, such as EPUB, RTF, MOBI, and PRC. You can customize the interface, turn on auto-scrolling, watch page-turning animations, and choose between different views. It is free to use. If you want, you can purchase a donation version. The price ranges between $0.99 and $9.72.


One of the older eReader apps is FBReader. Similar to Aldiko, you can use it for most basic purposes. In addition, those documents can write in AZW3, EPUB, FB2, RTF, HTML, or even plain text. Books are synced between devices using Google Drive, a proprietary cloud service provided by Google. The user interface was also very pleasing to our eyes. It is old but effective, and it’s easy to see. The gesture support even includes. At the moment, the app is entirely free.

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Foxit PDF Reader

A popular PDF reader app is Foxit. It combines productivity and reading into one app. PDF files of all kinds read through the app. In addition, it offers annotation capabilities, form filling options, and privacy features via ConnectedPDF. The program reads PDFs aloud and supports audio and video. A PDF or eReader app that supports all platforms is probably the best.


FullReader is an ebook reader app that is popular with many people. It can also export audiobooks and CBR and CBZ files, as well as a large number of ebook file types. Its UI and layout are classic Material Design and easy to use for a wide range of users. A MOLED dark mode and 95 language translator are among the power user features. Cloud backup is also available via Google Drive and Dropbox. Currently, the app is free to use. A donation option is available for those who wish to support development.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a virtual bookstore. Moreover, it offers online books, magazines, and a variety of other content. Other types of ebook formats are also supported, such as comic book formats. Your readers can be uploaded to the cloud and viewed there, as well. In addition to book rentals, Quick Bookmarks, Rapid Skim Mode, and Rapid Scroll Mode are available.

Kobo Books

Similar to Amazon, Nook, and Google Play Books, Kobo Books is also an online bookstore. It is fundamental. The service essentially allows you to read books you’ve purchased. Audiobooks and eBooks are both supported. A Night Mode allows late-night reading, as well as cross-device syncing and offline downloading. Furthermore, it also contains decent discovery features. It is a free app. Books, of course, cost money.

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