Parking Meters Updated With The Latest Technology In Oxford

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Three hundred and sixty-seven single-space credit card meters and twelve multi-space kiosk parking meters will be installed by Oxford. Police Chief John Jones recommended using high traffic blocks in uptown Oxford this summer. ParkMobile’s app or credit card will be required to pay for the new meters, which will charge $1 an hour. 

Those parking spaces near McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital which have overflow parking will continue to be metered at 25 cents per hour. In December of 2019, Oxford began testing the new smart credit card app on a limited scale. Jones’ recommendations were approved by the City Council on Tuesday. 

With the advent of Smart Meters, parking meters have moved into the technological age and replaced the ancient coins-only meters. Payments can be made with coins, credit cards, as well as a mobile app.

There is some controversy surrounding parking changes. Additionally, extending the hours will continue to accomplish the same thing that is the goal of parking Uptown. By removing long-term parking from High Street and generating turnover, businesses will benefit.

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Parking Meters Updated

The parking operation has been requesting credit card payment options in recent years, according to Fening. In the dime meters, the internal mechanisms and the exterior housing were both 20 years old. So, they needed to be replaced.

No new meters are being manufactured, and spare parts are not available. It was your choice whether you got new meters. Is your system archaic? Fening said it didn’t make any sense.

ParkMobile will be able to accept payments through the newly installed Smart Meters as well as coins. According to her, the app has the added benefit of allowing users to extend meter time remotely, without having to go to the meter.

More changes are coming to parking in the Uptown business district than just the new meters and three payment methods. In addition to the change in prices, the time for paying for parking on High Street has also been extended from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. From 8 to 10 p.m.

Latest Technology

To encourage people to use those streets. Everyone will still pay 25 cents for meters on Church and Walnut streets. It is better to park in the high street rather than on it long-term. These are intended for employees of businesses on the High Street who tend to park for extended amounts of time. To prevent spaces from becoming available to customers. As well as to tenants who live uptown and occupy the space for extended periods.

As a result, side streets will become the only place to park Uptown. A parking occupancy study was conducted in Uptown in October by Fening. To determine when the system is most heavily used. Her response, even though it was in the middle of the pandemic, was that it provided valuable information.

The heaviest month of the year historically is October, but that would be on a scale. It surprised me how well the test performed. During dinnertime, traffic is at its peak. In her opinion, extending the time for saving people’s spots makes sense. Interim parking space would be welcome. There has been discussion about that. Jennifer requested a delivery/pick-up space. The goal is to get there, but we had to start here.

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Several cities have been presented with this. It has been reported that they were either correct or that revenue and profit were underestimated on several occasions. Investing in this project is a wise decision that everyone should have great confidence in. Wilson said that occupancy will ultimately determine how Oxford is occupied. 

Parking Meters

The Parking meters Technology was a source of concern for Vice Mayor Snavely. In particular, it may place a financial strain on Oxford citizens. The $1.3 million profit Michael reported was so impressive. Some of them are not wealthy and do not think twice about throwing money into a meter, Snavely said. 

In safely’s opinion, people may not venture uptown because of the rate spike. The parking garage should reduce its costs, not increase them. Therefore, it will appeal to people, Snavely said. The smart meter rates were the subject of a discussion between Prytherch and Snavely. These are four times the cost of coins per hour. 

Smart meters allow you to set your prices intelligently. Off-season rates may be lower at other places, Prytherch said. The project resolution passed in favor of the new meters, however. Rates at parking meters remain under discussion.

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