Top Ten Universities To Study In Australia

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Here is a comprehensive guide of the top ten universities to study in Australia, according to ranking, detail about programs, for more special information read through this guide.

1.        The University of Sydney

The beautiful campus of the University of Sydney was founded in 1850, with the motto, The star change, the minds remains the same.

According to Huffington post and Daily Telegraph, the Main campus has been ranked in top ten of the most beautiful campuses of the world.

The university offers some high sought after medical, scientific, research and arts programs. According to QS World University Rankings, it ranks 40th in the world.


2.        UNSW Sydney

University of New South Wales is a public university, with intense inclination towards research programs.

The facility in Kensington is the house of most faculties, while UNSW Ary and Design is located in cozy suburbs of Kensington, and one campus in Canberra.

According to QS World University Rankings, it ranks 44th in the world.

3.        University of Melbourne

Another public research university founded back in 1853 in Melbourne is easily one of the oldest universities.

The university comprises of ten exceptionally strong academic units, including Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute, Melbourne Medical School, and Melbourne Law School. In QS World Rankings University of Melbourne ranks 41st globally.

4.        The University of Queensland

University of Queensland was founded in 1909, and is located primarily in Brisbane. The university facilitates several faculties like Business, Law, Medical, Information Technology, Agriculture, Humanities, behavior sciences etc.

In QS World Rankings, University of Queensland ranks 62nd in the world.

5.        Monash University

Named after Sir John Monash, the university is located in Melbourne, with four campuses in Victoria and campuses in Malaysia, India, China and Italy globally.

The entry criteria for Monash universities are known as one of the rigorous ones, hence its best to prepare well in advance.

As per the QS World Ranking, Monash University ranked #2 for Pharmacy & Pharmacology, #12 for Education and Training, and #14 for Nursing.

6.        Australian National University

Located in Canberra, the university follows the ethos of First to Learn the nature of things.

With its faculties spanning from Art and Sciences, business and economics, engineering and computer, law, and Physical and Mathematical science programs, the university caters to several faculties.

In QS World Rankings, Australian National University ranks 31st in the world.

7.        University of Technology

With its state of art campus, located in the business centre of Sydney, the university has other campuses in Ultimo, Haymarket, Broadway, Blackfriars, and Moore Park.

The admissions at UTS are famous as highly competitive, and holds the position of 133rd in world, and 9th in Australia.

8.        The University of Western Australia

With its main Campus located in beautiful city of Perth, offers some sophisticated philosophy and undergraduate programs.

According to the Academic Rankings of World Universities, UWA is placed constantly as best university to study in Australia for medicine and pharmacy programs.

9.        The University of Adelaide

Easily the third oldest university in Australia, university of Adelaide offers some sophisticated programs for Medical Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, and Arts.

In QS World Rankings, University of Adelaide ranks within top 155th in the world.

10.     Griffith University

Pioneer in introducing Asian studies and Environmental Sciences in Australia, Griffith university offers very diverse programs.

In QS World Ranking for young universities of the world, Griffith university ranks 33rd.



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