The Best Business Laptops In 2021

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You can be productive anywhere with the best business laptops. Easily portable, they have great keyboards and are crisp and clear. The screen should be easy to read throughout long marathons.

For a long time, the only laptops available for business were Lenovo ThinkPads and HP EliteBooks. This is still a superb laptop for office workers and businessmen on the go. Mobile component advances have led to a proliferation of affordable ultraportables that are durable, powerful, and svelte enough to fit into a briefcase or look great on a desk.

It is easy to choose a great business-ready laptop with all the options available to you today. Find out about the best business laptops you can buy in our guide.

Best Business Laptops On Market Today

Our recommendation for the best business laptop. For now, is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano due to its lightweight and long life. This laptop is the lightest on the list at 2 pounds. While maintaining a strong 16:10 aspect ratio, it has a 13-inch display. Coding and document creation becomes easier. 

The device also includes a webcam kill switch and fingerprint/facial biometric authentication. Other features that make the ThinkPad line so popular with business users. There are no ports, so that’s its only real downside. 

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When you want to connect a lot of accessories. You may need a USB hub since there are only two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports. Fans of the MacBook Air with M1 should pick up this lightweight laptop. As the lightest and smallest MacBook Air ever.

Business Laptops You Can Buy Today

1. Lenovo ThinkPad Nano X1

Business laptops like Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Nano are excellent. Due to its power, quality, and portability. Nano has the smallest weight on this list at only two pounds. However, the battery life has been tested at 12 hours. With no recharging, you can still use it for the entire day at work. The option to stay connected via 4G or 5G on the go can be purchased for an additional fee.

Both Lenovo’s performance and usability were not sacrificed. In addition to security features, every ThinkPad has a durability rating. With Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors, the Nano provides plenty of speed for heavy productivity. With its ThinkPad-branded keyboard, you can type quickly and comfortably. There are only two Thunderbolt ports on this device. So, you might need a USB hub.

2. HP Spectre x360 14

A powerful convertible business laptop, the HP Spectre x360 14 has a sleek design and powerful processor. An elegant design that performs well both at work and at play. Featuring a 0.67″ ultra-thin profile and is available in three colors. Its elegant design is perfectly complemented by its internal components in the HP Spectre x360. 

Purchasing top-tier components can make the price extremely high. Performance is excellent and the design is sleek. There is a lot to like about the Spectre x360, which comes in at an affordable price. This package includes an MPP2.0 Tilt Pen. A great tool for handwritten notes during meetings or digital artists.

3. Apple MacBook Air with M1

With its M1 chip, Apple revolutionized laptops. The first device with one was the MacBook Air. The Air has never seen better performance from a chip than this. Additionally, the battery life is incredible. Tom’s Guide battery tested at 14 hours 41 minutes. Its webcam delivers more color accuracy and clarity than ever before. This is because the signal to process enables the Magic Keyboard to still deliver a great typing experience.

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I would recommend the MacBook Pro if you need it for business purposes. MacBook Airs with M1 chips are hard to beat. The laptop is fast, durable, and versatile.

4. Dell XPS 13

Our favorite laptop is the Dell XPS 13 for its outstanding performance. The display is beautiful, and the design is sleek. A business laptop with all these strengths is an excellent option. Usually, it’s enough to last you a full day of work without having to scramble for a charger.

The XPS 13 will also be available with a 3.5K OLED touchscreen in 2021. It is well worth the investment because: 

  • A deeper look at OLEDs
  • The blackest ink imaginable
  • Patterns of color
  • High contrast ratios 
  • Slim and bezel-less, these devices shine with InfinityEdge.

5. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is designed for business users. In short, it’s as close to a flagship Windows laptop as the company can get. A stylish chassis houses high-performance components in this Surface Laptop 2021.

There’s no better way to go than with the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. The keyboard is comfortable and the deck is stylish with Alcantara that makes it a little more comfortable than an all-metal laptop. 

You should also factor in the screen’s tall 3:2 aspect ratio and the battery life of more than 10 hours. This can improve your reading and editing experience. It’s great that you have a notebook that helps you stay organized on the go. 

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