HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop – The Best Business Laptop

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HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop is a business laptop made to satisfy your manager. And it is not that the most fabulous way to get fast in the working world. With a fingerprint-resistant quality. A lovely cerulean magnesium figure and shoulder-responsive weight.

Only remember, the Elite Dragonfly designed for the meeting room, not the stadium. So, don’t imagine blazing haste. What you will get is a hard shape with some premium choices. Incredible performance, fantastic battery life, and let’s not disremember the genuinely stylish design.

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop Price and Availability

At once, you can surprise the HP Elite Dragonfly for $1,629 to start. That’ll net you an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 U-series processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. Though the SSD gets folded in the UK entry shape.

If that does not sound like sufficient horsepower for the work you want to do, you can, of course, pack the HP Elite Dragonfly with more powerful hardware. In the end, you will get an 8th-generation Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD – which is a strange place to stop.

But that’s only for the pre-manufactured shapes. You can make your formation in the US with much more storage and a great display if you are very successful, it out with an Intel Core i7 processor. A 4K display and a 2TB SSD, the cost maxes out at $3,258.

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop Design

If the HP Elite Dragonfly didn’t have the word “EliteBook” in print below the keyboard. There is no way we’d know it’s a laptop designed at professionals. Only put, this laptop is fabulous. It comes in an attractive Lustrous Dragonfly Blue color option that stands out wherever you drop it down.

To guarantee that the laptop always looks this beautiful. HP has given the system an oleophobic covering, which makes the external stain-resistant and informal to wipe.

Though, the stars of the display are the two 360-degree pivots. The silver chrome-emphasized hinges permit the laptop to flawlessly transform from an old notebook into a tablet and into styles valuable for giving performances or viewing the video.

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

Incredibly Lightweight, Insane Battery Life

The Elite Dragonfly’s essential claim to fame is its bulk, which approaches 2.2 quid when armed with the base 38-watt-hour battery. The skill-off is that worthless battery capacity. HP also provides a 55-watt-hour battery for an extra cost. For myself, we’d opt for the higher battery. Which raises the weight by just 3 grains to 2.5 pounds.

HP Elite Dragonfly Specs and Features:

The Elite Dragonfly hugs its executive-laptop status, bringing a feature list that’s first-class all the way. Here are some details:

  • CPU: 8th-gen quad-core Intel Core i7-8665U with Pro version support
  • GPU: Integrated Intel UHD620
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR3 in dual-channel style
  • Display: HP provides 3 screen options for the Dragonfly:
  • 4K UHD OLED screen that hits 500 nits
  • intense 850-nit Sure View Gen 3 FHD screen
  • Power-sipping 1-watt FHD screen
  • Storage: Our analysis sample comprised 512GB capacity Intel H10 Opting Memory hybrid drive.
  • Security Features Aplenty

As a business laptop, the Elite Dragonfly is hard-bitten against attacks. HP says it can both notice terrifying UEFI-targeting rootkits and recover from them. The Dragonfly also mixes Bromium’s security expertise in its Sure Click feature. It mostly takes the sandboxing method of various browsers. applies it to hardware.

Set up as a customer would, the Certain Click would mechanically sandbox PDF files in micro-simulated machines. Furthermore, dangerous attachments are opened in micro-virtual machines using the Chromium browser.

HP Elite Dragonfly Audio

The Dragonfly is brasher than its namesake, but not by abundant. The top-mounted speakers and smart loudspeakers hardly filled my small bedchamber. They reduced the City Girls’ long-winded trash-talking anthem “You Strained It” into an intensely soft voice gossip session. Even with attempts to tweak the sound with the preinstalled Bang and Olufsen Audio Control software. The bass was very dim. The only entity that declared half-way correct were the lyrics.

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly Webcam

The search for a countless internal webcam continues. Dragonfly’s IR camera might be fantastic for facial appreciation. But visible filmic noise will make you reach for an outside webcam.

HP Elite Dragonfly Software and Warranty

Later it is a business laptop; the Dragonfly has a lot more suitable preinstall software than your regular HP notebook. HP Jumpstarts is an introductory hub for new holders, gathering supportive tips and tricks to get you started. HP Support Assistant displays structure diagnostics. Installs important updates and puts you in touch with the simulated assistance for troubleshooting conditions. Sure, Sense defends against viruses and malware. While Power Manager lets you correct power settings. And to make sure you preserve a little life balance. Work Well permits you to list break reminders during the workday.

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