The New Android Auto Location Bug Breaks A Key Feature

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New Android Automotive is a platform that has attracted companies such as Polestar. The company, therefore, provides a dedicated Android emulator. As a result, apps can be developed and tested on that platform easily. As a result, we can develop software for cars.

Therefore, Polestar has provided the necessary means for developers to program their vehicles. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that Android Automotive adoption will pay off in the long run.

The original idea behind Android Auto was to work in this way. In reality, things are very different. Some users experience critical issues from time to time.

It was discovered and confirmed by others that Google Assistant cannot determine a user’s location. Therefore, it does not provide relevant information about the driver’s location.

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The results will be based on the actual location instead of the address. However, Google Assistant only shows items that are near your home regardless of their distance from it.

New Android Auto Location

As a first impression, Google Assistant doesn’t seem to know the location of the user. These smartphones’ resolutions are not up to par. However, everything is correctly configured, so it doesn’t seem to be. The problem is, therefore, theoretically a Google error that needs to be corrected.

An Android Auto team member confirmed that this problem has already been referred to the appropriate people. Unfortunately, the exact date of the next patch has not been released yet. As a result, you can only downgrade the Google app to its earlier version. However, some users seem to experience mixed results there as well.

According to Google Assistant, these phones do not have permission to determine the user’s current location, suggesting a permission error. Every configuration is supposed to be correct, however some are incorrect. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why Google shouldn’t rectify it.

We have already reported the issue to the appropriate authorities, according to a new Android Auto team member. However, at this time, there’s no ETA for when the patch will be released.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant can’t tell where you are based on its appearance. Also, the permissions on these phones seem to be incorrect. The problem is, everything is configured correctly, so that can’t be the case.

There are already Confirmed members of the New Android Auto team. We have forwarded this issue to the fixer. So, the patch’s release date is not known at this time. At this point, there aren’t many options other than to downgrade to an earlier version of Google App. Users are likely to experience different problems from those described above.

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A New Android Auto member has confirmed that the issue has already been passed to the people tasked with fixing it. It seems that users are also experiencing mixed results with this.

Location Settings For Android Devices

When your phone is set up with a location, you can get information about your sites, such as commute predictions and nearby restaurants. Your phone’s Location is used by an app when you see Location at the top of the screen.

It’s important to note that some of these methods can only be applied to Android 11 or later. Check out how to find out which version of the new Android you have.

Understand Your Phone’s Location Settings

The location of your phone will not be available to apps and services if you turn off location services. On the other hand, you may still receive localized search results and ads from your IP address. There are several Google services based on location, including:

  • Locating your Android device with accuracy
  • Google Account History of your location
  • Your location can be shared with Google Maps
  • Using a location to search

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