Top 10 Mobile App testing tools for Android & iOS

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Best 10 Mobile App testing tools for Android & iOS

Can it be the case that you are searching for methods to look at your cellular testing approach to take this up to another level? You will be happy to know there are countless of Mobile App testing tools for doing the job at a limited time and cash.
Here is what we found 10 Mobile App testing tools for Android & iOS that will be well worth it for you.

  • Kobiton
  • Robotium
  • Selendroid
  • Experitest
  • Appiuzm
  • Eggplant
  • Monkeyrunner
  • Ranorex Studio
  • TestComplete
  • HeadSpin


TestComplete is a testing tool that aids in creating and running repeatable in addition to robust UI tests across various mobile programs. TestComplete is supporting both Android and iOS devices. For using TestComplete, we don’t have some need to jailbreak the telephone or tablet computer.


Kobiton is among the viral Mobile App testing applications, but it promotes it as a mobile experience platform, in place of the cell testing platform. It offers a seamless experience for testers by providing a smooth and easy procedure of testing. It has Centralized testing logs and accesses contemporary devices for effective testing through cloud labs.


Among those leading mobile App testing software is Experitest. Efficient to execute hundreds of manuals as well as automated tests on more than 1,000+ IOS & Android apparatus in parallelly in the cloud.


You can do free Android testing of UI apparatus, utilizing Robotium. Its very simple to write and for compelling black-box test cases automatically for the Android applications. Besides this, it acts as a library for your unit tests. Requires bare minimum time to deliver robust test cases. Robotium can deal with multiple tasks of Android in parallel. Synchronize easily With Ant or Maven in the time of conducting tests.


Selendroid can define as a test automation framework able to push off the UI of their Android native as well as hybrid applications aside from the mobile network. Selenium two use for writing the client API evaluations. It is highly compatible with all the JSON cable protocol, as is among their preferred Mobile App testing tools designedforAndroid apps.


Eggplant is a Commercial GUI Mobile App testing Automation tool that is developed and designed by TestPlant. This testing instrument is utilized for the Android and iOS app testing and can term as eggOn.


Monkeyrunner tool is currently offering an API used for writing programs that can control an Android apparatus right from outside of the Android code. This tool is viral, just like robotium, in regards to functionality.


Appium is one of the viral testing tools using open-source automation and is developed and designed by Sauce Labs. The developing company disperses the device. Appium boosts the instrument as a one-stop solution for all aspects related to mobile application testing.


HeadSpin supplies real-world besides technical user experience for a variety of businesses towards enhancing mobile functionality. HeadSpin carefully designs and designed to help companies prepare to face rising challenges. Ranorex Studio: Ranorex Studio was a streamlined solution for all sorts of mobile program testing. More than 4,000 companies are using it globally. It proved to be a simple option for novices for the codeless click-and-go interface.

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