6 Ways To Make Your Old Smartphone Feel New Again

by Ghulam Mujtaba
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With a few simple hacks, your old phone will feel brand new again. In addition, in recent years, smartphone quality has dramatically improved. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to buy a new model if you purchased your phone recently.

With Apple, there is even more of a reason to be happy with what you have. Samsung, Google, and LG handsets are all over $1,000. You’re not the only one who wants to keep your old smartphone. According to Consumer Reports, it has been nearly three years since consumers began to hold onto their cell phones. 

Three thousand phone users confirmed this timeline in our survey. As a result, people are not upgrading as much. According to TechCrunch, manufacturers have painted themselves into an impossible corner by fighting over specifications. Our top tips will show you how to restore the original shine and durability to your old smartphone.

  • Update your operating system
  • Get a new battery
  • Storage needs to be tidied up
  • Increase your storage capacity
  • Build a new homepage
  • Replace your screen

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Upgrade Your Operating System

What were the best ways to make your phone last year? First, of course, upgrading your operating system is a must. As well as getting the latest in security updates, you’ll also get any helpful new features. However, if your phone has become obsolete due to a few updates, you might want to consider replacing it.

Furthermore, don’t neglect brand new phones before exploring refurbished options. They are refurbished by the same manufacturer who made them and usually comes with a solid warranty. Pre-owned phones certified by the manufacturer are excellent deals.

Get A New Battery

Two to three years after you purchase your phone, the battery is probably going to slow down. However, it’s easy to prolong the life of your phone battery if you avoid charging it too frequently and don’t charge it too often. For example, a storm is exercised when the charge is nearly zero, which is charged fully.

If your battery isn’t doing its job and you’re constantly fumbling for chargers, you might need to replace it. While some phones have easy-to-replace batteries, many new ones do not. The manufacturer can also offer replacement services through a tech support shop. You’ll find tons of online tutorials that show you how to replace a smartphone battery yourself. However, if you aren’t experienced in tinkering, you can hire an experienced tech to conduct the replacement for you.

Do you have any experience replacing a phone battery yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

How Do You Change A Battery In An Iphone?

A replacement iPhone battery at the Apple Store is the simplest and most reliable method. It will cost you if you are out of warranty, but avoiding mishaps by doing it yourself is worth it.

According to CNET, average repair costs range from $50 to $80. Apple’s battery replacement service is probably the best option. iPhone X and above are $69 out of warranty, while older iPhone SE models are $49.

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Remove Apps You Do Not Use To Free Up Space

Your apps need an audit. Many of the ones you downloaded are not used. Downloading an app uses some storage space. It is why you should delete apps you aren’t using. Cloud-storage services can help you free up space by allowing you to drop photos on them. If you want to store unlimited photos for free, use Google Photos!

Increasing Your Storage Capacity

MicroSD cards are commonly used to expand internal storage on some phones, especially from Motorola and Samsung. Apple users have access to free five gigabytes of iCloud storage. A Google account includes 15 gigabytes of online storage space and the ability to save all your photos in the cloud for free.

There are also some affordable options to upgrade your storage from Apple or Google. For example, Dropbox offers two GB free and up to three TB with its paid plans.

Creating A New Homepage

If you have an Android mobile device and don’t like your home screen or want to change it, you might be interested in downloading Nova Launcher or another Android launcher app. Unfortunately, the default look on your iPhone isn’t an option.

Install A New Screen

You can technically do it yourself, just like replacing your phone’s battery, but proceed with caution. Whenever possible, choose a manufacturer-approved repair shop and follow their recommendations.

Your phone’s screen replaces depending on its condition. It’s worth it to replace the screen on your iPhone 11 Pro. Although you will have to pay a few hundred dollars out of warranty, your phone costs you more than $1,000, to begin with. The additional expense might feel more justified if used as an upgrade for an expensive piece of hardware.

Suppose you want to replace an older phone. Parts and labor start at around $100. Is the cost worth it? You decide. Within the $300 price range, you can find a nice new phone. Samsung Galaxy A21, for example. To get a basic but functional cellphone, the Moto E6 costs as much as changing your screen. To make informed decisions, you must consider what you can afford to spend.

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