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iPhone SE (2020) Review: The 2020 iPhone SE is lightweight, modest, and future-sealed – all around done, Apple.

Two-Minute Survey

The iPhone SE 2020 is works around one objective. to make another iPhone for less cash, and it accomplishes that well. For just $399/£419/AU$749 you can have a fresh out of the box new handset from Apple – it’s a standout amongst other iPhones ever made, and you would now be able to get your hands on one.

The plan of the telephone will be natural to anybody that is utilized an iPhone as late – except if you’ve not held handset from Apple. Since 2013 then you’ll have seen this 4.7-inch outline previously, complete with bezels top and base and a home catch with unique mark scanner worked in.

iPhone SE 2020 Review

Apple may have stayed with a similar structure as the iPhone 8. Yet, the innards are significantly better – quite the new A13 Bionic chipset inside, which includes speed about all over and indeed improves the presentation over the more established 4.7-inch models. It’s not exactly at the degree of the iPhones propelled a year ago, yet it’s not far-removed.


iPhone SE Cost and Discharge Date

The iPhone SE 2020 discharge date was Friday, April 24 (with pre-orders going live the prior week), so you would now be able to get your hands on Apple’s most recent handset in case you’re craving at some minimal effort iPhone activity.

iPhone SE Cost and Discharge Date

iPhone SE Cost and Discharge Date

In the US, Apple is offering the new iPhone SE at $16.62/month through its financing plan or, on the off chance that you have something like the iPhone 8 to exchange, just $9.54/mo or $229 – even though in case you’re updating from the first iPhone SE or iPhone 6, you’ll only get $30 toward the maximum of the gadget.

Design and Display

The iPhone SE has the very same structure and shows the iPhone 8 from 2017. It feels like the iPhone world has proceeded onward three years. However – that 4.7-inch screen with thick bezels and beneath has been relegated to past.

Design and Display

Design and Display

Getting the new iPhone SE, the main thing you’ll see is how lightweight it is. Once more, some probably won’t notice the change if they’re originating from a littler telephone from 2016/17. However, trust us: it could have been a great deal more terrible, as the gadgets in the more current all-screen iPhone ranges are much more massive.

While the iPhone 8’s structure may feel like a past decision for another iPhone, it bodes well in the iPhone SE 2020 – and for some who don’t especially think about the most recent highlights, this progressively original plan will be much increasingly attractive.


In our view, the represent the moment of truth include for the iPhone SE – thus the critical focal point of this audit – is the iPhone SE camera and how well it acts in everyday use – given that there’s ‘old’ equipment on offer here.

Spoiler alert: the bet has paid off liberally. The new iPhone SE goes head to head with the iPhone 11 Pro Max regarding general snapping, and possibly battles with regards to the territories where the equipment is inadequate.

iPhone SE Camera

iPhone SE Camera

Nonetheless, Apple has saved similar equipment specs for the ‘ordinary’ wide-point focal point on the iPhone territory since the iPhone 8, yet colossally improved the nature of the pics – which proposes the processor is doing a ton of the hard work.

In a one next to the other correlation with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the most component pressed telephone Apple has ever made, the iPhone SE doesn’t proceed too… yet that is reasonable at the cost. Unmistakably the SE inclines overexposing in certain situations. With a portion of the shading and outstanding quality lost in a couple of pictures.

iPhone SE 2020 Camera

iPhone SE 2020 Camera

As far as the picture quality you do get, the distinctions are little, yet at the same time there to see. Not all the stunts have fallen off – for example, the profundity of field abilities on the iPhone SE isn’t as reliable. The nature of the pictures is acceptable – they’re sharp and clean, and even look not too bad in low-light as well.


Apple hasn’t declared the new iPhone SE battery size. However, we realize that the iPhone 8 goes with a 1,821mAh force pack. We imagine something reasonable for the iPhone SE 2020.

What’s more, on the off chance that that is, in reality, the case, at that point it’s a potential issue because the iPhone 8 didn’t have heavenly battery life – it could pretty much most recent daily in typical use, with the charger waiting be in reach towards the finish of the night.

iPhone SE 2020 bettary

iPhone SE 2020 battery

The new iPhone SE should, in principle, have a more drawn out enduring battery as it has an increasingly proficient motor at its heart, and iOS 13.4 is better at overseeing power utilization.

The overall charging speed is around one hour and 50 minutes for a full, dead-to-100% revive. We’d propose getting a quick iPhone charger from Apple to suit your speedier charging needs.

In contrast, you could purchase a remote charger, as the iPhone SE 2020 is Qi-charging empowered. Get a modest slight cushion or two, for home, and when busy working, and you’ll never have an issue with power levels again.

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